Online entries are CLOSED, please sign up at the race, $25 late fee.  No late fee if ONLY entering Friday's Warm Up OPEN 4D Barrel Race, thank you.

Membership of any association is NOT required, this is an OPEN Youth Barrel Race, age as of race date, thank you.

Draw Outs
All draw outs must be made by Monday, 1/23/17 at 6pm via email in order for a 100% Refund of fees paid.  Any draw outs AFTER 1/23/17 at 6pm will require a VET/DOCTOR note and will receive a 70% refund of fees.  All refunds will be mailed the week following the event.   Anyone that turns out without notification will still owe 30% of their fees, thank you.

Want to save some time at check in? Here are some printable PDF forms that will be helpful for you.

Just now signing up? Click here for a complete entry form (please DO NOT mail this form, simply bring it to the office at check in).

Wanting to Add/Change/Scratch here for a Add/Change/Scratch form

Contestant Check In Form...ALL contestants must complete this form and have a parent signature as well as complete social security, click here for the Contestant Check in form.

$75 Entry Fee Per Go Round

2 Go Rounds

Prizes awarded on 2 Run Average

12 Crown C Saddles for Average 

Junior Contestants 12 & Under

​Senior Contestants 13-18

PeeWee 9 & Under (cannot be entered in Junior Race, limited to 30 contestants)

Age as of race date

Friday, January 27th
9am-12noon     Office Open
11am-3:30pm  Time Onlys ($5 Cash at Gate)
2pm-7pm          Office Open                         
4pm                   Open 4D $500 Added Barrel Race

Saturday, January 28th
7am-8am Office Open
9am Sherry Cervi Youth Championship Contestant Number/Bag Presentation & Grand Entry   All YOUTH contestants must be in Western Attire and at arena by 8:45am (no horses)

10am Sherry Cervi Youth Championships
Order of Go:  Pee Wee, Juniors 12 & Under, Seniors 13-18

Sunday, January 297th
7am-8am Office Open
9am Sherry Cervi West Coast Youth Championships 
Order of Go:  Juniors 12 & Under, Seniors 13-18

Youth Championship Awards to follow approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the senior division on Sunday.  Youth must be in Western Attire to accept awards or awards will be forfeited.

Run rain or shine!

Stalls are $50 for the weekend (reservations not required), no RV hookups.  No overnight tying to trailers or setting up portable stalls.  Dry camping is free for contestants.


Rules, Guidelines & Information

Check In:  ALL contestants are required to check-in with their parent/guardian by Saturday at 8am, office will be open  Friday 1pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday at 7am.  The office is located near the permanent bathrooms and showers by the roping chutes.  Announcing/time writing booth is the two story booth at the end of the arena. 

Age Divisions: Junior 12 & Under, Senior 13-18.  As of race date.

Pens & RV Hook Ups:  There are onsite pens available, first come first serve.  No RV hookups.

Time Only’s: $5 cash at the gate. Riders will be allowed 60 seconds and one time through the pattern only. We are asking that if there is a line, stay at a trot or faster (no walking). 

Warm Up Arenas:  There will be one warm up arena.

Arena Set Up:  Arena will NOT have holding pens, there is a center gate, gate will be closed during run.  Please be NEAR the gate area during the drag prior to your drag, thank you.  Standard WPRA pattern.

Riders may not compete on the same horse in the same division.

Draw Order:  You must compete on the horse in IT’S DRAWN ORDER. 

Dress Code/Western Attire: WPRA standard dress code: Long sleeve shirts that are collared and have either buttons, snaps or full length zipper on the front of the shirt, jeans without holes, western boots and western hat or helmet (*a fedora is NOT a cowboy hat.)**Hats lost in the arena will result in a $10 fine. You will need to visit the office to collect your hat and pay your fine.

Sportsmanship: All contestants and their family members are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.  All decisions by the race director are FINAL. Absolutely zero abuse of any horse will be tolerated. The minimum fine for abuse will be $100 and you may be asked to leave the race. Abusive behavior will be determined by the race operators. No electronic training devices are allowed in the arena for any reason. 

Releases/Draw Outs: After entering, contestants may be refunded 70% of their fees by presenting a vet or doctors release to the race director BEFORE their run. Horse substitutions must be made prior to your run in the show office.  

Qualified Run: To receive a time YOU MUST MAKE A COMPETITIVE RUN! This means, if you pull up, you will not receive a time. 

Big Drag:  Big drags will take place every 30-35 riders, we will determine and announce/post prior to race start.

Knocked Over Barrels:  Results in a no time.

Electric Eye:  If the electric eye fails during a rider's run the barrel racer has the CHOICE of a re-run or receive a refund. It is up to the barrel racer to contact office staff and make it clear as to if they will take the re-run at the end of the race on clean ground or receive a refund. A knocked down barrel during a run in which the timer fails will not be carried forward. The re-run will have a "clean slate" run. 

Start of Pattern:  A rider will have 1 minute from the 1st call by the announcer to start the pattern, making an honest attempt to do so. After 1 minute from the first call, the rider will receive a no time.

NSF checks will result in a $50 fine and the contestant being put on an ineligible list. 

Payout/Check Processing:  We will make every effort to have the payout checks ready for pick-up 30 minutes after the last rider in the race runs.  Checks that are not picked up will be mailed the following week.

Awards:  Contestants MUST be present AND in dress code for the award presentation on Sunday after the race, no exceptions allowed...if a  contestant is NOT present his/her award will be forfeited, thank you.

Average:  Method 1: This method uses a pretty standard rule for averaging, which is: “To figure the average of 2 races: 1st Division = Contestant with the Fastest Combined time. 2nd Division = Fastest Combined Time + 1 second. 3rd Division = Fastest Combined Time + 2 seconds. 4th Division = Fastest Combined Time + 4 seconds.